a chiquita from New Brunswick, Canada

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"Life continues on - it does not wait for you"

SO, some of you want to know at least a little bit about myself. That is all I needed to know...

TO start this off, I must say "Hello". My name is Natasha. I am eighteen years old, brown hair, blue eyes, 115 lbs and 5'6".

I am the youngest, of three. I live in the country with my parents, and wouldn't have it any other way.

FOR hobbies, I play guitar, write poems, lyrics, stories, go mudding [aka - 4x4ing], karaoke parties, and sit around bonfires with friends. Life is awesome.

I am a supervisor in a kitcehn of a small town grocery store, and am pretty content with the way things are going, at this time. Next year, I am planning on either taking a business course, or a design course - perhaps even both.

HOPE you all love what you are doing, and I ask you to keep doing what you love.

x TiaLewton

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