just a lady from The Never Land

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"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten." - G. K. Chesterton

Hello. I'm ThymePassing. I live in the clouds, where I fly a ship called the Never Land. I have pet crow, whose name is Wallace, and a cat named Tybalt. I have a crew of five, by the names of Celestine, Don, Rell, and Gary. We're like family, although we're in no way related and all of different species. We're a legitimate merchant organization to the world, flying cargo such as textiles or tequila from America to Rainbow Land and so forth. However, we also smuggle unicorns from Rainbow Land, where they are oppressed by Queen Gertrude III, who doesn't allow them to vote, or get jobs as anything other than a rickshaw driver. We fly them to America, where we help set them up with homes and jobs. Sometimes they stay with us for a while, to help their fellows. This is what Don, also a unicorn did - he has been with us for five years and has been a great help and an amazing friend.

When I'm not piloting my flying ship, I like to salsa dance, read the newspaper, hold bubblegum-blowing contests with the crew, play multiple rounds of poker with Don (which is funny because he can't pick up the cards), and, of course, write (now there's a shocker!) I'm thinking of publishing my memoirs as a debut novel - The Great Unicorn Rescue or something. However, due to Rainbow Land's status as a world power, Rell suggests that I wait until I am done rescuing unicorns, for fear of retribution from Gertrude III. Meanwhile, the ship log gets larger everyday. 

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