a 56-year-old from At home mostly, United Kingdom

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"Fascinated and intrigued by the complexities and peculiaries in life in general"

I write poetry about thoughts rather than emotions. What  I see objectively, I try to detach myself from certain situations and not get too sentimental or literal. This is not easy as often emotions are very forceful and then the poems become too egotistical, which I want to avoid. They are written for other people  to put their own personal thoughts, feelings and imagination  to. I don't believe life is just what we see in our everyday persuits, there is always a hidden agenda and we are just skimming across the surface. If we see and explain ourselves in definitive terms ,then I think we feel safe and we can shield ourselves from thoughts we're not sure of or don't know the answers to. I am not living under some black cloud of morbidity or depression which sometimes my poems may give the impression of.

     I am actually quite a light hearted individual but am fascinated  and intrigued by the complexites and peculiarites of life in general.





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