a 22-year-old bloke from The Empire of the Spirit, India

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"Learn to watch your drama unfold while at the same time knowing you are more than your drama -Ram Dass"

"Oneness with the beyond is his message of salvation.
The non-duality of eternal bliss is his god.
Mastery of the inner senses is his guiding light.

I picked those lines from the Upanishads, the most quoted ancient Indian work, and I feel they describe me perfectly.

While I tread on this ground of plays between apparent existence and non-manifest chaos, I dwell in that Absolute kingdom built within me and radiated around me. That Kingdom speaks and guides; it is an ocean of bliss, compassion and love. That kingdom is the master of all knowledge, of all sciences and I've chosen it as my teacher. I can feel it everyday, everywhere; it is so real and living. It encompasses the universe, and yet, at a deeper level, I know that it's non-different from my subtle consciousness, only on the surface of which I swim at present. That blissful Absolute, I believe, is God.

My works are basically based on my daily meditations and experiences on that which I believe to exist, subtle but not unscientific. I would love each and everyone to get a taste of this nectar, hence I write. Besides, I am also interested in Quantum Physics and cosmology. I also write fictions and love to experiment with the old world.

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