a 21-year-old from Your Mind, United States

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"Mom told me I should let the lord handle it while the arm of the law is trying to manhandle us, its a mans world, but a bad mans planet and the doors are slowly closing while we're falling through the cracks of it. It's a shame that, flipping crack will be your best alternative if you don't make it rapping, these crack houses and trap houses are trapping us in and in the end were gonna remain stagnant. I aint having it" - Capital STEEZ (Free The Robots)

I'm 19. I have an old soul. What is life is you let someone else plan it for you? "It's better to find yourself at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb, rather than at the top of the one you didn't" Lyricist/Rapper, Poet (I guess), Philosopher, and a Soul. I'll be here for a couple decades, and then I'll be gone for awhile. But I'll be back, you just might not remember me.

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