a 21-year-old dude from Bucks, United Kingdom

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"There may be strength in numbers but words mean more"

Im verry weird in a lot of ways 1 Im semi nocturnal; Ialways end up reading, writing, drawing or playing keybourd as soon as it gets dark also if im outside at night i get verry hyperactive and sprint everywhere (dont ask im in explorers so i go camping alot) 2 Im verry sporty but im not into playing sports that much ecept free runing 3 My hobies include; power kiting , free running , keybourd , reading and im semifluent in french there is also loads of rondom things i get into my latest ones include youtubing , going to the gym and this website (have to blame you, for the hours i will spend neglecting homework on here Irishgirl LOL :-D) 4 Suprise suprise im writing this at nightime so i will read what i now nicname as power of 10 and then get some much needed shut-eye

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