a 24-year-old girl from CA, United States

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"If you can't be immortal, then you can at least be young."

Um, hey. I'm Josie. I'm here because one of my friends, animefreak_kitty021 invited me. And because of my insatiable love of writing.


I am guilty of belonging to multiple writing sites and having about a million unfinished storied laying around God knows where.

Seeing as I am a member of this (among other) writing site, you would be correct in assuming I enjoy reading as well as writing. I also dabble in drawing and acting as well. In fact, if it is artsy, I'll probably give it a go. Oh yeah, and I want to join the circus.

Well, I'm off to loose myself in made up worlds and play God some more on my poor, unsuspecting brain children. So long!

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