a 22-year-old young buck from Realm of the Lost, United States

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"I don't play the game. I run it." - Me "These are the times that try Men's soul's." - Thomas Paine

This account has been inactive for about... forever? I think it's time I burst back in on the scene. I like to write action stories and poetry. A weird combination I know, but bear with me.

I wouldn't consider myself a talented writer but a talented reader. Because honestly; reading takes less skill. A few of my favorite books/Series are:

Ender + Ender's Shadow Series - Orson Scott Card

Worthing Saga - Orson Scott Card

Old Man's War Series - John Scalzi

Incarnations of Immortality Series - Piers Anthony

Crewel Lye - Piers Anthony

Artemis Fowl Series - Eoin Colfer

And if you truly desire to acquire more knowledge about my reading tendencies don't be a stranger! Just ask!

Anyways.. That's enough about me; I hope you enjoy my work!

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