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"'Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.' St Francis of Assisi"

Hi all! As you have probably guessed, my name is not Ash Korpe, that is just my pen name. As Camiel says in a later chapter of my current book, Edohlmir - "Keep your secrets and I'll keep mine - but don't blame me for being curious."

So, I'm just a 13 year old girl that loves writing, and has so many times felt the irresistable tug of the fantasy genre. I'm not just talking Twilight and Harry Potter here, I'm talking whole other world, middle earths that allow your imagination to run wild.

I believe that the pull of the fantasy genre lies within the very idea of your imagination being the only limit. The escapism is very tempting as well, as it makes you want to read the book and immerse yourself in another world to escape the harsh realities of life. Who says we can't still believe in magic?

Now, to my username. The Tree Writer. Well, I can explain this - the initials of my name make up the name of a tree called an Elm. Therefore, I am a tree and writer, so the Tree Writer.

I need to finish my homework now that I should be doing instead of writing this. You can find me on Booksie as VoiceOfZora, and also on NaNoWriMo as TheTreeWriter. Unfortunately my wattpad account got deleted as I spent to much time on it (oops) but there is a "memory" profile that you can look at called FlorenceLovegood.

Any questions, feel free to ask! And don't forget to keep up those fantasy reading requests!

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