a funky monkey from East Midlands, England, United Kingdom

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"I would never lie. I willfully participated in a campaign of misinformation- Mulder, X-Files"

I'm TheRugMaster.

AKA Sophi-Wan Kenobi.

AKA The Small Ginger Quote Machine.

I'm the ginger flapper in the picture.

I'm studying English Lit, History and French at A2 level =]

I love: Harry Potter, X-Files, NCIS, Dr Who, McFly, Forever the Sickest Kids, reading, writing, The Tudors (not the show, the actual Tudors. The dead ones.), my ipod, Star Wars, All Time Low, Arctic Monkeys, my bed, bacon, chocolate, Blade of Glory, Futurama and stationary.

I hate: High School Musical, Jonas Brothers, Camp Rock, Hannah Montana and anything else similar that I've missed out., maths, french grammar and my addiction to trashy celebrity magazines like closer, even though I constantly moan about them and their money.

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