a 29-year-old dude from Eugene, United States

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"I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying that I approved of it." Mark Twain

Hey, I'm just some dude in who lives in the best city in the world Eugene OR. Actually that's a bold statement, one I cant really back up. I heard it twice before so it must be true.

I love coffee, Odds are Im drinking some while your reading this.

I play the guitar for kicks and giggles. Truth be told I oringinally bought my first one in hopes it would get me laid. Still waiting.

Drawing and painting is my thing. I do it and people know I do it. People say I'm good, I heard that twice before so it must be true!

If you hate my story's tell me why. I don't mind crits the least bit.

Quick facts about me

1. Im usually sleeping.  Odds are if I'm not drinking coffee I'm sleeping.

2. I would rather listen to you whine and moan then say anything.

3. I have the spelling of a 13 year old which is coincidentally around the same time in my life I stop caring

4. I should be the last person in the world who should write anything. But I do anyways for the kicks.

5. I believe in The Bigfoot.

6. 98% of the people who read this profile stop reading 1/3 of the way down. Says a lot considering reading is all you do on this site.


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