a 26-year-old gentleman from Newcastle, United Kingdom

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"When dealing with the insane, the best method is to pretend to be sane - Hermann Hesse"

Greetings, you seem to have stumbled upon the profile of one Jack Rae, the enigmatic figure utilising the moniker "The New Romantic". I doth know what you are wondering; who the devil is this chap and what is he doing on here? And is he one of those 1980s sorts?

Well in answer to the latter question; no. If anything I am a relic of a previous age or a catalyst of the next. Yes, I do realise how uncouth of me that sounds but I do believe myself greater than certain best-selling authors, and I use the term 'authors' loosely(!) *cough cough* Katie Price *cough cough*

As to my identity and motivations... I am a student at Teesside University in England that walks among the population, spreadinga message of unrestrained nerdiness in a bid to bring Sci-Fi and Fantasy works of literature and fiction to the forefront.

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