a dude from the darker side of protagonize, United Kingdom

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"Define irony! Bunch of &*!!%&%s, dancing on a plane, to a song made famous by a band, that died, in an plane crash!!"






I've been writing as long as i can remember now, although I've never been published, my writing has been well received by everyone who's read it.

  • My fav authors are:

                                   James Herbert

                                   Steve Alten

                                   Trudi Canavan

                                   Charles Dickens

                                   S.D Perry

                                   Michael Crichton

                                  J.K! How could I forget J.K!!



My work is generally a mix of psychological thriller and mystery,  although I've also written some poems and short stories based on non-fiction.

And one day I'll actually get around to doing some psychological stuff..!

Do Ghost stories count?  How about parapsychological?   oooo good word, I like it!


My hobbies other than writing include, Marine Bio and Zoology,

Drawing and sketching, going out with friends and watching movies.

  • Daily Comment:                                                                                           I Am Lord Of The Blood Tag!


  • "Why Do I Want To Be A Writer?

               1. You make your own hours

               2. You get to work in your pajamas

               3. You get paid to lie all day!!"


  • Works so far

  • Absolution   -action/adventure/mystery (P)
  • The Death Welcome Tree    -horror/ghost story  (P)
  • MEG: Crimson Waters     -fan fiction/horror/sci -fi (P)
  • Why Me?!           -just for fun/all genres (O)
  • The World Ended.....And I Missed It??!!     -action/adventure (O)
  • A Bird Of Prey      -supernatural/cryptozoology   (P)
  • Fables, Myths and Legends   -fables/folklore/myth (O)
  • Jessop: Paranormal Investigations   -supernatural (P)
  • The Ghouls Fair      -Fantasy/Folklore/supernatural (P)
  • Tethys Aquarium  -sci-fi/action/adventure                (P)


  • Short Stories
  • The Vampire       - supernatural/thriller/horror  (F)
  • The White Lady Of Upton Court -  fable/folklore/ghost (F)
  • Dark Horizon: Devil May Cry    -action/fanfic/horror (P)
  • The Killer Hedgehog                   -horror  (P)


  • Collaborative
  • Stalked   (with Cheshire Grin)         -horror/thriller (P)

  • Non Fiction
  • "Hello, we're closed"    -non fiction/writers block (O)
  • The Protagonize Debate Forum  -just for fun/discussion and debate   (O)


  • Key -- F -finished, A-abandoned, P -private works, O -open to all


  • Currently reading
  •  My Profile??
  • MEG: Primal Waters


  • Movies That Inspire Me
  • Dark City
  • Jurassic Park
  • V for Vendetta
  • Neverwhere (tv series)
  • IT
  • Doctor Who (tv series)


  • Favorite Protagonists

            The River Talker

            Tasha Noble



            Sounds Fishy


            Olius Brightwell

            Broken soul



            Cheshire Grin

           All brilliant authors....check out their stuff!!!



  • Coming Soon:
  • L.O.M...............................the trilogy



  • Other Favourite Quotes
  • The Dark Knight:


                             "You think you can steal from us  and just

                               walk away?"

           The Joker:


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