just a lady from Asia

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"If others tell you to get lost then, to damn with them. After all, they're not your priority. Peace :P"

Currently thinking of an interesting plot thick with mystery, tragedy, horror, betrayal and death. But of course, I am also devising stories containing fluff to lighten up the somber mood.

Right now, I am collecting a lot of materials to integrate with my present ideas so that means I cannot frequent this site. Really, this is a lot of research however, the thrill of discovery is just fascinating.

I would be glad for a collaboration. I haven't tried that before but I know it would be fun. It would be a new experience and will really challenge me to be flexible while working with others.

I don't mind if you p.m me to review your work. I love reviewing the works of others though I could be very detailed with my commentaries.

I could be lazy with the continuation of my stories since there are a lot of animes that are fun to watch right now. Really, I hate my habit. Well, I'll try to update with my stories ASAP (though I am not sure of when).

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