an 18-year-old dame from A dismal fairytale

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"Each one of us has his own alphabet with which to make poetry."

Unfortunately, I don't put up works here anymore, but you're all free to go through my old ones :)
-M <3

Friends, Writers, Planet-men(?), lend me your ears!

Welcome, welcome! Here, you will be transported to a new place, a new world, one of metaphored feeling, inked thought and versed soul. Tickets cost just a little bit of patience for a young writer for me!

Hello there. I am a 15-year old girl/poet/thinker/reader/mind-traveller/liver. I believe in the magic of words, and here I am to explore that magic a little. Would you like to join me? Be sure to buckle up, for we are in for one hell of a journey!

Leave a comment down below if you would like to talk. I sure would love to hear what you fine people have to say about me/my works/my views on life!

Peace and the Soft Summer Breeze,

-M <3

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