a lady from Ireland

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"The rest is dust." - Joe Abercrombie

Hey everyone,

I'm Niamh Mary Anne, but you can call me Niamh, or TheGirl. I haven't been posting here as often as I would like recently, as I'm currently working on a solo project that I want to perfect first.

(Please, no requests for critiques unless you're also willing to critique something of mine.)

I graduated from my BA in English and Film Studies in August 2016, and am currently studying for my MA in Creative Writing. Writing is all I want to do, and has been since I was able to hold a pen.

Everything I do, I do for the most beautiful and inspirational woman who ever lived. Even just getting out of bed every day. Because I know she wants me to, and I'd do absolutely anything if I thought she'd have wanted me to. A few days before her unexpected death just over three years ago, she sent me this snippet from a poem. Love you Mam.

"Don't look for the flaws as you go through life,

And even when you find them

It is wise and kind to be somewhat blind

And look for the virtues behind them."


Current Collaborations

, with Colm. A Steampunk adventure story.

His Own Blade, a medieval fantasy about an ogre sell-sword. With Ty694 and k9heart.

Current Solos

Splendid, a Reconstruction spin-off about London's most hated and notorious master of murder and treachery. He also happens to be the city's most popular solicitor.

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