a 29-year-old guy from Somewhere over there, United Kingdom

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"Life is just something that happens when you can't get to sleep"

I like to write, or at least try to. I like to daydream so mch that I'm often left wondering which world i actually spend more time in, I like to assume i know things and sound like i know what im talking about without actually having a clue, i like to make people laugh, no scratch that, i like to try to make people laugh and have them tell me I'm funny, i will adore anyone who tells me I'm funny, i like to use comma's because i have no idea what to put there, i like to convince myself things will work while a the same time know they wont leaving me emotionally numb, i like to express myself in a massivley over the top subtle way leaving people never really understanding, i like to be asked rather than asking in almost any situation, infact i'll probably never ask myself, i like to use logic to work things out then philosophy to tell myself although i might be right I'm probably not, then use an abashed form of pschology to tell myself I'm a fool.

I'm 20 in a way thats still 14, i always tell the truth, except when I'm lying, I'm in desperate search of a muse, I like to be misleading because i dont know where I'm leading, I'm a realist/defeatist, I'm terrified of something, I'm going to think of something funny to write in a minuet, I'm of the belife that it will never happen even though i'll wait forever for it

I'm not a good writer, i justl like ideas

Ill probably never post anything on this site for fear letting myself go

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