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I love reading, I love writing.  That's mainly why I am here.  My favorite books are those of Harry Potter,  I have many others as well but couldn't sit and list them (I'm pretty picky so when I get a book I usually love it so I can't really pick favorites - other than Harry Potter.  I'm also addicted to TV, having an embarrassing amount of shows that I watch/watched.  The top 5 would have to be Dexter, Skins (UK), 30 Rock, Weeds and Misfits.  And as such, I'm interested in screenwriting.  I'm really inspired by Tina Fey because of that since she is brilliant.  Other hobbies include nature photography, art stuff, and internet surfing.  Animals are my passion and would - in an ideal world - sit in a jeep in the middle of some exotic area (I'm obsessed with traveling and new cultures) studying some animal whilst writing my novel/screenplay and snapping pictures every now and then for my wildlife photography career.  We will see how that turns out.

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