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"It takes getting everything you ever wanted, and then losing it, to know what true freedom is."

I suppose in a way I can appreciate Protagonize more now? I could write whatever the heck I wanted to and nobody would notice... Correction: none of my friends would notice because they hardly go on Protagonize anymore *sobs*, nah, that's okay.

Hi everybody, it's Blake aka frenchie. I'm loving Protagonize, its the best and most annoying thing thats ever happened to me. I'll never get bored but I'll be so occupied reading amazing works! Ahh!! Almost as amazing as controlled assesments! :D

I think this is all of my stuff so far (If it's actually good enough to waste your time on :P):

What You Don't Want To See- My first ever short story (with a time-travel theme, but very indie) and it's actually completed. Maybe I should write more short stories if I actually finish them! :D

Bodyguards- My most recent attempt at a novel, I know I'll probably never finish it but I'll give it a go ;)

My Last Day- A novel turned collab that I'm working on with Never letting go and my good old penguin!

Piteous Poetry- All the poetry that I think is not as good as the poetry that I post in-

The Throbbing Heart- All my deep, depressing poetry about love and similar emotions bla dee bla dee bla...

Unwritten Thoughts (really need to write more of these)

and last but not least: Pain Relief- The most totally mundane, non-supernatural novel you might ever read! :D

Works you should read:

Turntable by Never Letting Go, the poshest chap I know!

Forever Out of Place by Temglin or should I say Penguin

Every collab that Almach and Little Hill have done because their contributions are what makes the stories amazing. I haven't started reading them yet but I will start pronto because I need to be totally clued up as I have joined Return of the Nightworld. Truly a good story once some people actually decide to write some chapters! (cough!)

I am also part of the Floydian collab "Vision's Edge" when the rest of us floydians are ready to start, hopefully it will be great. I don't want to taunt you too much 'cause it's not quite ready. Just to give you a heads up.

Favourite Quotes (these will develop over time):

Are you stalking me? Because that would be super!           

Life isn't measured about the years you have lived, but by how you have lived them. :D

The moment when you're trying to argue with someone and then realise you are completely wrong!

Look I would love to agree with you but I hate being wrong.

I'm sorry for talking while you were interrupting!

Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everybody else!

Enjoy protagonize, Express yourself, Love yourself and stay true to who you are forever!

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