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"I love the smell of Napalm in the morning"

     At 18, I challenged the system and ended up on the wrong side of the law. I became an expatriate from the U.S. for 12 years. Wanted by the FBI, I survived in the Canadian bush and subsequently traveled to Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. During my travels I was detained in federal prison in two countries, but was never convicted of a crime.

     I am a New Orleans blues musician, an artist, a father and a husband. I started writing in college as the campus ‘Roving Reporter’. The Black Rose – Presumption of Innocence began with an autobiographical 500 page manuscript, written in Mexico and Peru in the 1970's. It went into a trunk until late 2013. Of course, the new version of the manuscript is pure fiction...

    After 110 rejections from literary agents, I decided to start my own publications entity and put the book into Amazon (Kindle and paperback), one week before joining you on this site. The idea of sharing portions of my work and reading what others are writing; it’s what makes us grow as artists. I’d also like to share my self-publishing experience with you.

     I’m currently working on a 2nd novel entitled The Cliff House, the story of a 1920's house built on the cliffs high above the untamed Pacific, possessed by the spirits of the mother and two daughters murdered by their father in a moment of desperation during the Great Depression. Voices inhabit the dreams of the future occupants as they sleep in the murdered daughter's upstairs room, calling them to leap from the cliff to free themselves from the guilt that creeps into their souls. Listen closely to your children when they ask, "Mommy, why did I kill somebody?"

     The Black Rose represents my introduction into the world of fictional literature. To promote the novel, I’ve created two short videos, hit the social networks, and created a web site. Great to be here and love to get any feedback I can. 

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