a 117-year-old gentleman from the Octagon, Atlantic Ocean.

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"With burnt sage and a forest of bygones, I click my heels, get the devils in line." - James Mercer

 Let's pretend for a moment that I am not, in fact, an inter-dimensional space beluga and just a real man. The man I totally am, the man that is so not a space beluga, goes by the name of Christopher. I have an undying love for writing and the creation of fantastic stories, many of my inspiration coming from great writers like J.R.R. Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft. I, unlike most of my peers, have a love for English as a language, despite how difficult it can be to understand. I am currently just an aspiring writer who dreams of one day being a writer of the greatest not unlike Tolkien. One day, I hope to have a novel of mine published and popular around the world. For now, I shall start small. 

 I have a fascination with science fiction most notably, and I absolutely love creating interesting, future technologies and even alien races. Fantasy is also one of my likes, though not nearly as much as sci-fi. Although, I do like to cheat sometimes and combine both genres into wondrous union, as if the two were meant to be. 

 But, aside from these aforementioned things, I have no idea what else I should mention. So, I bid any readers adieu and I sincerely hope you like my stories and provide any advice you think would serve as helpful for me. 

 Oh, as a footnote, I also am the head of a secret organization whose headquarters is located in place I am not at liberty to disclose. All I can say is this: I direct the B.I.A, or Beluga Intelligence Agency.

A little more recently, I have started a blog under my pen name (Christopher Wolfe) titled "A Wolfe's Take on Life" in which I talk about pretty much anything that strikes my fancy.

Do check it out:

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