a 22-year-old kid from Lancashire, UK, United Kingdom

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"If you know all the secrets, there's no magic left." Evanna Lynch

"Well, my name is Megan Rainbird and I'm fourteen. At a guess, I'd say I'm probably a fairly young member - but then again, I've only glanced at the authors section.

I live in the UK, up north. I live in a very versitile environment, and its brilliant for inspiration when your mind seems dried up.
All I've ever wanted to do since I was a really little girl was to become a writer. My Grandma, when I was about seven, bought me a notepad with 'Megan's Story Book' across the front, which I still have (and occasionally write in) today. As far as I'm concerned, its the best birthday present I've ever received. I think it was then I decided writing was what I wanted to do - I was too passionate about it for it to be just a hobby.Other hobbies of mine include web and graphic design, and music. There's a link to my Writings website below, but I also own a Graphic and Resource website. Check them out if you wish.
I have a few ideas for stories, but whether they'll be a success is up to you. I'm open to criticism - especially if it points me in the right direction. I'd really love to hear any comments you have on my work.I often write fanfiction (mainly Harry Potter or Doctor Who), but I already have fanfiction accounts so I probably wont post that here. If you're interested, I'm on as MissRainbird. Look me up!
I dont think I can write anything else, so thats it! I really hope you'll get in touch and read some of my stuff. I'm looking forward to everything.

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