a 41-year-old dude from mom's spare room, United States

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"i rather die on my feet than to live on my knees"

my name is thaddeus cruz and i was born in dearborn mi in 1975.  i currently am in my 3rd year of sobriety and it sucks.  i have four children who are grown. ages 24,22, 18 and 16 by years end. i was rasied in detroit mi with my younger sibling's one brother and two sisters. now about this writing thing i never imagined in a million years i would be doing this because im not that smart or creative. but man have i lived and with it i guess comes countless adventure and misfortune. i am currently working on an urban scifi screenplay. i think. i hope this work will help me get established writing so that i can go into the many more meaningful stories of my life. like i said i have never done this before and really could use the help. by the way i wasn't kidding in my blurb.

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