a 24-year-old from Canada

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"When you're faced with a hater that's 10 feet tall always, always, ALWAYS just keep grindin' why? Because the next time you see them and they're on their knees baggin' and pleadin' for you to help them because you made them choke on the words you spoke they ain't gonna look so damn tall, acutally they're gonna look pretty ***ing small. Also, always admit defeat to their face why? Because all you're doing is admitting success to de-feat that those wanna-be's could never dream, I mean honestly wh

I have been writing for about eight nine years and have poems published in different anthologies through various contests. I write to address the issues that we as society do  not like to address, my hope is that one day I won't have any issues to address.  

I listen to all kinds of music but love hip/hop, rap and urban my family comes first above all else.

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