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"Spread your wings and let your heart fly, for if you spend your whole life in the dark, you'll never see the light of day" ~ KM (aka ME!)

Ok.. so uhmm.......... hi? I'm Kayla aka Keira =) And as is probably obvious, this is my Protagonist profile.  I'm a 5'3'' tall,  blondie, pale skinned, green eyed, beauty as my boyfriend lovingly refers to me.  I love to write and paint as well as take pictures, which is why I have a DeviantArt. Feel free to check out some of my work. Writing is one of my few, but great, passions. I'm both a poet and a novelist.

 ~My Faves~

MUSIC! Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Miyavi, The GazettE,  Three Days Grace, Crazy Town, Hollywood Undead, Lacuna Coil, Otep, Papa Roach, Hed PE, AFI, HIM, Apocalyptica, Bullet For My Valentine, Kid Rock, Marilyn Manson, Michael Jackson, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nonpoint....... and I could go on forever but I'll spare you =)

BOOKS! Inheritance Series { aka Eragon, Eldest, Brisinger }, The Ink books { Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath (if I remember correctly) } The Twilight Saga { before it became a hit, I was reading it and loving it. =) } Frankenstein series (by Dean Koontz), and yes I know most of them are series. =P Bite me for it haha.

ART! My friend Gabe is an awesome artist, and I admire his work =) I love (some of) my artwork, as well as my friend Kaeli, who is a superb drawer. I dont hold a particular fondness toward any certain famous artist, because I have problems picking favorites (haha I am pitiful indeed)

EVERYTHING ELSE!  my mom, reading, drawing, painting, sleeping; long, hot showers, nature, animals in general, my friends, music, photography, foriegn lanugages (I'm studying Latin at school)  and a bunch of other things that I cant think of at this particular moment in time. xD


I really dislike people who rate badly just because they don't like someone. It's about the work, not who wrote it.  I extremely don't like people with god-complexes. They piss me off to no end. Also people who act childish to the extreme. Please act your age not your shoe size people. Don't disrespect me and I'll do the same. I really don't like homophobes either, being bi myself I know what it's like to be ostracized because of what you are.

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Skype ~ deidara-luvs-itachi

MySpace ~ l!ttle m!ss &@^@%

Yahoo ~ alyasilvermoon

VampireFreaks ~ a_vampire_fiance

Google talk ~ itadeionsen

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