just a lady from Vancouver Island

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"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear"

Cue the randomness that people say to hope others get an inkling of who they are but may actually be the farthest from the truth...
I used to write...
no that's lame. I write..just not all the time. Like brain farts. If there's something good, or not even good, half coherent that deems worthy of time to note

than it will be noted...if not. well...


Myself & I spend most time studying or going to class to finish a never-ending English major (I have no haughty thoughts towards my writing capabilities 'cause quite frankly...I don't really do a lot of writing contrary to popular belief as of late) I haven't started taking courses for a minor in professional writing I hope to tack on to make the final page look a little fancier...

but honestly? I just took it 'cause it was easier for me than

math (0.o)

Ummm...honestly...school is a safe topic to share across with the general public, aside from weather and potentially current events, but I suppose if there was more someone direly needed to have addressed

it could be answered just by asking


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