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"&& Despite the pain of living, everyone still does it!"

Hey boys n girls, ladies n gents, and let's not forget the unicorns n aliens out there too. I'ma 17 years old chicka from the crazy state of Ohio, whom enjoys long walks on the beach on a moon-lite night, and dinners with the one I love. Oh who am I kidding, this isn't no movie scene or fairytale. But it could be if we make it. That'd be awesome. Anywhos, back to saying a bit about myself. The real me this time. I've had the nickname Peek-A-Boo for like ever because I never show the real me, usually hide behind the walls I built around me. Just get glimpse of me every now and then. Thus, it's a game of Peek-A-Boo. That's just towards certain people, gotta put on a show. Um... I'ma crazily, awesome, fan%^@#ingtasic, but original at the same time kind of girl as my best friend, ClarissaCatastrophe1, well that's her name on here, puts it. I also consider her my sister, even more so seeing as we have the same bday. Idk where I'd be right now without her. She's just that amazing. XD! Back to business though. I like to write, but most of the time I just help with editing. I tend to get lost in my details n lose sight of the plot. Eh. Everyone has their weaknesses n strengths I guess. I'm the type of person who lives to the fullest each day because well, who knows when their last day will be truly. Also I'm the type of person who always hopes for the best, but prepares for the worst at the same time. Most of my writings come from daydreams I have that I sometimes, well okay, I'll tell the truth, most of the time wish would come true. I love to play sports, I just have a bit of a competition problem. :P Most would say I'm so smart I'm stupid. Big words confuse me, and ice cream can save the world. Well I think that's all I need to put, seeing as I'm blabbing and it just keeps going, and going, and going, and going... You get the point. 

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