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"If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all"

Life goes by way to fast! I turn my head and my baby girl is almost as tall as me! My first born is looking down at me and my second (middle child) is looking eye to eye! I had a start to a rough year in April 2011 my step son passed away and let me tell you I've lost a lot of people and coped pretty good but coping with this one is pretty much impossible!

My goal this year is going to be to make it through stupid 2011!

2012 has been a little better to me :) still re-cooping from last year and cant believe its almost over! Cant believe I no longer have any kids in grade school! I feel like I've started my life all over again and am at the bottom climbing my way up! I'm happy I made it through last year and still miss my step son dearly but I'm happy to be able to be in his little boys life :) God is good and he will help me through :)

2013 Started out amazing! New life means new things, new trials and new loves! I am pushing my way through a crowd to get to the front of the line! When I get there I plan on simply turning around to see all the wonderful people I met on my way to the front! My boys have out grown me now and I am looking up to my oldest! My daughter is 12 and is full of attitude but is still amazing!!! and sweet! My kids are my first loves and I cant live with out them! This Summer is going to be amazing and I will fill in the blanks later!!!! Thank you Lord to a wonderful 2013 to come!

Wow 2014 I cant believe Ive made it this far! I'm looking back and reading my last updates from previous years and time sure has flown by! I still miss my step son every day and think about him often. My boys are so big that its hard to explain exactly how tall they are except my 14 almost 15 year old has out grown my 17 almost 18 year old! regardless these two boys I once held in my arms have outgrown me is just crazy! My 12 almost 13 year old daughter is still shorter and perfect! Its really neat watching her grow into a young lady and she is becoming one of my best little friends (don't get me wrong I still have to put her in her place from time to time). She has really taken to singing and I love her voice! Every chance I get I listen to her recordings on my phone and smile! Life is amazing and hard!! I have no words for 2013 except thank you for the experience and lessons learned! It was an OK year with some trials! Here's to 2014!!!

4-01-14 Its been three years today since I lost one of the loves of my life, my step son Calvin. Not a day goes by I don't think about him, he made a huge difference in my life as a mother and I thank him, love him and miss him every day! The day I found out he passed is a day I will never forget and has molded me into who I am today. It has made me stronger and fight harder, fight harder to enjoy life until I get to see him again. I picture myself running up to him and giving him a hug and not letting go! With his grandmother by his side (mom-mom) two very special people I love and will never forget! (See you both on the other side! Save a spot for me and be ready for lots of hugs and kisses! It brings tears to my eyes to think about seeing you both again! Forever love your mom and daughter in-law Taunia.)

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