a chick from the Looney Bin, United Kingdom

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"Fire to fire and ashes to ashes. It will soon be done. I've already closed my heart to love."

The men in the white coats are so kind.. they give me a nicee white coat, and let me hug myself allll day! They say the voices are kind really.. I don't think so >.> They really have plans in store for me.. they whisper.. sound evil.. they scare me..

WELL. A little bit about my tendency to start stories.. but never end them.. Annoying right? Can't help it! I start a story, but then I kind of get a.. writers block? Is that what it's called? Good. Anyway.. I get writers block, then I get an idea for ANOTHER story, and start that one, get a couple of chapters, writers block, start a new one, well you get the picture..

People think i'm strange for loving to write stories, and that I read a lot? I think it's quite fun..

SOOOO. If I don't update a story for a while.. you now know why! But I'm going to finish them.. I promise!

-noms on a Belgian white chocolate icecream

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