from India

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"Jo mera hein, wo gaya nahi... Jo gaya, wo mera nahi!" means: "What is mine, that hasn't gone... and whatever has gone isn't mine!"

Rather than going for details about me...

I would just like to admit one thing about me... that I am crazyyyy!

Crazy for all the things I feel to do drives me crazy with a just little target that I love to do that everything from heart... even if it will be just a title writing for some fanfiction or writing some story, doing studies, cooking, reading, drawing pictures or rangolis or henna OR writing poems for making my heart lighten after emotional hustle-bustle in mind and heart!

I am really weak in case of emotions... I can't control my tears on many things even if those will be happy or sad moments or whatever! so I really feel that it's flaw in me as well as good thing...! It is flaw when it makes someone infront of me feel sad for my tears in some cases!

In all in all I am special in myself yet simple in myself... I am perfect as I am! Yet if someone feel to make comment about me... they are welcome... b'cos I listen to all but do what I love to what my heart and mind feel right at all!

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