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Hey!  I live in the wonderful North Wales!!!  For those of you who don't know where that is, it's in Great Britain...  It is not England!  English is my first language but I am teaching myself Welsh.  Yes - the language of Wales!  I go to what has turned into an International School.  It's cool because I have really really great friends from all over the world in my school from China, (Hong Kong,) Nepal, Vietnam, Estonia and also from good old Wales - like the softy sitting next to me!  Have just finished reading Kevin Brooks's Candy and I think it's about time I get down to reading Pride and Prejudice - so I'll be getting on with that.  As well as revising in these short Easter holidays!  Being ill is just awful and so unproductive.  I could be out doing something - having fun!  Ah well...  I have no particular theme about what I write about but often it's about love.  Can you tell if a piece of writing was written by someone who has been in love or who hasn't.  I suppose you will find out.  I think love is easy to write about and everyone will find common grounds with it but to write about it well is a real achievement.  I intend to write as well as I possibly can.  I'll try and write about things other than love because I am one of those people who feels the world shouldn't revolve around it.  I'm a bit sceptical about that kind of thing.  Sorry to bore you!  You have done well if you have made it this far!   Please read my stories and rate them if you like them or not!  Thank you.

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