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Hello, I am Talon. I love to read and write stories. Some of it is not accepted by the world and that's okay, because my writing isn't for everyone. I've accepted that.


Main story lines in progress:

Unyielding Warriors

What I've Become


Secondary Story lines in progress:

The Pyro

Moonfire's Story


Active Characters:

Unyielding Warriors/ What I've Become

Name: Talon

Species: Western Primary Dragon (or simply called a Western Dragon)

Natural element: Fire

Physical description: 42 feet tall at the shoulders and 64 feet long from chest to tail tip. Is covered in crimson/blood red scales. The plates running the length of his underside are also crimson/blood red in color. He has many spikes that protrude from his face, a row of them run down his back and end at his tail tip. A set of horns grow from the top of his skull. The spade at the end of his tail is sharp enough to slice through anything. Along with his claws, his spikes, horns, and spade tip are all onyx black. His eyes are silver-blue with a ring of golden green around the iris.


Unyielding Warriors

Name: Aaron

Species: Human

Physical description: about 5'11” with blue eyes, dark hair, and tan skin. His body is slightly toned from his self taught combat training.

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