a 32-year-old male from New Port Richey, FL, United States

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"No one told me about the side effects of writing. Now I am just watching myself, create things with a pen, feeling like a child with each new creation."

I am a Gemini. So for me I can be two people at once. I usually am a outgoing easy to get along with guy living in Florida. Other days I should not be allowed into society let alone leave my apartment. Up until recently I never felt any kind of normal "job" was ever going to work. Then seemingly out of no where I sat down and let my mind flow through my finger and created an opening for a novel. The inspiration for it was not out of thin air but instead a long and steady flow of ideas over quite a few years. This is a milestone in my life. Normally anything I am inspired to write is never completed because I allowed doubt and insecurities to kill it. Once the opening was done I kept up with it and now have built a solid piece. Though I know that the road ahead is going to be quite the undertaking I feel confident in what I have accomplished so far and what I know is still to come. With what free time I have I dedicate most of it to a mix of researching and development. 95% of research is for knowledge for new writers the other 5% random facts I use to develop my story. I have developed a blog, Twitter account, and joined 4 writer communities to start exposure and create a fan base. In the end I am happy to be here and hope the story I write will be enjoyed.

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