a 42-year-old female from Gatienau, Canada

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"Everything happend for a reason ! Not A quaote but .... worth reading.... and saying: Strength is the presence of courage, determination and inner might. Strenght is being in a position to deal with whatever comes your way. Strenght is acheived when your in a position of influence and no longer need to force your beliefs upon others when you are aware of the temptations that exist, but have the ability to resist them.. Being careful not to take advantage of strenght and not mistaking it f"

Happy : Daughter, Woman, ,Mother, wife, friend, Buisness ower and full time spiritual teacher.

I expect nothing and live to see the days as they are meant to be lived moment to moment.

Life has taught me:
- That living for others makes no sence
-That Living without them is nonsence
-That Finding yourself makes sense
-That accepting that time heals all woond is common sense.

I love to learn new things that are spiritualy related, I take courses as much as possible and try to pass on my new knowledge as much as I can.

I am writing a book and working on a weekend seminar on Chakras healing and balencing to be held this fall in a B&B,( details to be comfirmed) It has been the most rewarding experiences and time of my life, because I am finaly working on my life's mission and have found the path I was meant to walk... Funny enought I was not looking for it I just started walking and living moment to moment and Voila ! The well hidden path was always there I just stoped looking around at all the useless and meaningless stuff and it appeared ... just like magic.

I read Tarot cards that are a wonderful tool to guide my way, they are a spiritualy based tarot compared to the traditional one, they are called Osho Zen Tarot cards and I can feel the energie they so lovingly let me feel.

I have finaly found the courage to face the pased that made me the woman I am now, and it allowed me to realised how strong I am and have become witghout an once of Ego, the oponent ( my Ego) has not won the war and I keep working on the small batteles that lead to larger victories.

I see light in every thing around me, event the darker day still have some light it's just the shadows that play tricks on me ....

I accept and finaly realised that actions have reactions, I have learnt not to react to situations in my life and choices but have chosen to be pro-active , that way I receive light and strenght from the effort it takes to make those choices, I have faith that they are the better path.

ok that's me

Tan xxx

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