from South Africa

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"I know not much but that I can and so, I will."

I've been a DJ since 2008 and a creative all my life. I'm in love with art and have loved it since I was old enough to understand its conceptions. Music is what I love particularly so much so it could be said my life revolves around it, like the earth around the sun...I am fun loving and love seeing happy people, I feel anger is not worth it's burden. Some say I'm an idealist, maybe it's because of all the ideas, hahaha but I like to think of myself as more of an ideologist. I practice humanism on a daily and encourage others to do the same, it is richly rewarding, spiritually and materially, I'm more into the spiritual side of things though. Be warned, IT AIN' FOR THE FAINT HEARTED.

Enough about me, I hope you enjoy the work.

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