a 25-year-old man from The Universe, Milky Way Galaxy, United States

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" Never need. Only want. "

I'm a college student who is trying to be a writer. I have only written one story, which I completed. I have never taken a writing course, so I never learned how to actually write.

I am active on the South Park Wiki and others, but mainly on the South Park one. I have recently tried my hand on The Simpsons Wiki, but that's a little harder to do.

I finished my first semester of college last week. I took a year off after I graduated high school.

The drawing in my hand I made myself. I am very creative, just not that good at drawing. I make one for every holiday, including my families birthdays. And my own.

The quote " Never need. Only want. " means that you should never need anything or anyone. You should want to do those things and want those people around.

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