a 20-year-old girl from the United States

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"Everyday she would scar words into her body. Useless. Ugly. Worthless. Pathetic. But there was one scar you couldn't see, unless you looked into her eyes. Whenever she looked in the mirror, she would see the words. "Just die already." "I'm trying..." she'd whisper."

Hi:3 My name is Sydney, I'm homeschooled. I love to draw, write, and sing. I'm a loner, my only true friend is my boyfriend, who I've been in love with since 6th grade, I'm in 11th now. I have serious leg problems, and may be in a wheelchair one day. I have to wear leg braces everyday, and every doctor and surgeon has given up on me. I am a recovering cutter. Drawing and writing have helped me a lot. I am a strong agnostic. Any support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks<3

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