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"Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has troubles of its own. Besides, isn't today the tomorrow you worried about yesterday?"

1. I love pasta.

2. I love many people, and i won't name anyone because

a. You know who you are. and

b. when people get named on lists on sites, some that should be on the list aren't and then that makes them feel left out. which isn't good. oh and

3. I think i will be able to ask/tell someone something very easily, but when it actually comes time to ask/tell them the message i need to get across, words get jumbled up. ever happened to you?

4. I love pasta.

5. Red is my favorite color; i started out liking red in kindergarten, but soon decided that it was everyone else's favorite color, so i wanted to be different and go with green, and then i went to blue, and then i went to some bizzare color that i don't recollect, and now i have realized that red can be shared by everyone.

6. i think it's funny when i go to unlock a car and it turns out it's not really my car. like i did today after school. thank goodness it was jake's. so he understands.

7. i promise you i am not always ditzy. i just have those days where if a blind person talked to me they would think i was blonde. and i guess, technically, i am. dirty dishwater blonde. bah. i am not dissing this color at all, it looks good on a variety of people, a lot of whom are my friends.

8. I love pasta.

9. When i was four i was attacked by vicious seagulls. and now i dislike them. Stupid McDonald's. Just kidding, i heart Mickey D's.

10. Relient K+Vanessa=Love

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