just a kid from CANADA, EH?

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"Canada? That's like narnia, it does NOT exist. Plus Canada if was real. It clearly wasn't a French speaking country. I'm a straight A student, I know this stuff. - A british kid on Xbox."

 Last profile, was just not working. So here I am again.

Hi! I'm Mardi, I'm from Canada if you have not noticed yet. I have been writing since grade four. And I was always into finishing my friend's stories, and doing extra stories for school. Why? Simply because I LOVE writing! If anyone would like to write a collab, I am down with that! I always wanted to try one of those. Don't be shy, chat me! (:

I get this question a lot, so I will answer it before asked.^.^

Books I am currently reading;

- Linger.

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