a femme from Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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"Manuscripts don't burn." - Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master And Magarita

Well howdy there. If you're actually reading my profile, you're one of the following:

1. Extremelly bored.
2. Trying to get hold of me after eight other methods failed. Or...
3. A pervert.

I encourage anyone in the third catagory to leave me alone. I'm not interested. If I find you bothering me, I will have a guy friend/male uni-student cousin attack you with some form of blunt instrument that I guarantee will hurt.

To be honest, I probably don't like you. If I've said nice things about you, I'm likely to be saying them out of politeness. In fact, I could very well hate you, your music, your clothes and your writing. Yeah, I'm a bit of a %^$@&. Get over it.

I'm whiney. I'm annoying. When I'm uncomfortable, I ramble in conversations (this happens a lot). I'm introverted. I eat when I'm bored. I don't eat when I'm angry or upset. I don't like my siblings all that much. I'm a pathalogical procrastinator. I'm stubborn. I'm permenantly pissed at society. I'm judgemental. I'm a back-chatter. I'm a smart arse. I'm needy and clingy. I'm naive. I'm really quite young both sexually and spiritually. I'm slightly pessimistic. I always assume the worst, even if I'm hoping for the best. I mark myself down. I'm hard to impress. I dislike dramatic, angsty people. I dislike popular people. I impose my views on people. I'm nearlly always morally wrong. I fall in love too easily. I'm a misanthrope.

Still want to talk to me?

I want to be a writer, or a journalist. I'm probably going to end up in teaching.

People complain that everyone on television is getting too like House, even the real people. Well, the best people are like that. They're misathropic. They have a pessimistic world view. They're irritating. They don't care about you... But they're right, and almost all of them make fabulous teachers. Believe me, I had a teacher like that. He was the best.

I'm one of the few people that recognises that unless we're anarchist or communist (and even then, not always) we will be a little bit corrupt. It's unavoidable. It's in human nature, and yeah, I am too. It's human nature to lie. The average person tells three lies per ten minutes of conversation (yeah, I stole that from Lie To Me, so what?) and that's not even the real liars.

Story telling is something I do. Whether I'm talking, writing or thinking, I'm telling a story. I love it. I love being God. I have a bit of a Messiah Complex, that's what happens when you're a story teller.

If you've got this far down, you're definately a pervert.

So yeah, love me or hate me. I'm fine with that. I'm not going to tell you the bands I like or the books I read or the celebrities I crush on: It's inconcequential. Why do you feel the need to do it? It's not like people actually care.

Because God knows, I'm just another number on a page somewhere, and if I get run over by a lorry tomorrow, I'll still be a number, just under a different heading than the one I previously was. Best of all, I don't care. I'm not worried. That's the way life is.

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