a 25-year-old male from Mumbai, India

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Its amazing having a life to live, isnt it? I mean, the fact that you can control your own actions and feel such amazing things really gives me the goosebumps..


 Anyway, its been more than a year since i decided to write. I always loved it and books. They just make me happy. Allowing me to enter this world i never knew i had flowering inside me.

 Another thing that really makes me smile is to see people reading my work and commenting on it. Whether its praises or no praises, i feel my work is going somewhere. And thats why I've opened this blog. Its only been 4 days and its going well.

 I love writing, which ever way. Improving no matter how good you are will show in your work. And as far as writing is concerned, wording the littlest of thoughts and the strongest of emotion is what I believe in.




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