a cat from a little cosy flat, United Kingdom

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"'Im a Lover, Not a fighter.' - Michael Jackson."

Ahoy, I'm Sophie. 
I like to write, if that is not obvious already. 
Im twenty two. I love to create stories, using my imagination and inspiration and sometimes i have complete writers block. 
I love being creative and i have wrote a few stories and poems and other bits and bobs and placed them here on this website for other people to read and judge, Haha! Which is fair enough because im not the best at writing, but i try and i enjoy it and that is what matters!

1st January 2015 - UPDATE: My goal is to write a Story and complete it this year and hope to publish it, it is a fantasy adventure fiction story and it is my latest work, i would appreciate it highly if you could read what i have and give me some feedback, i shall be adding new chapters all the time, i write everyday! 

Unknown Next DestinationFavourite one. 

Little Brown book =

The Butterfly Necklace


poisoned Love

Stars in the heart



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