a 22-year-old lady from some sand dune on the beach, United States

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"You haven't finished the postcards because you have still more to experience, life will tell you when the time is right to reflect upon what you have seen, heard, and felt."

I escape into moments, into tiny little fragments of memories, the ones that originally were written off are now what I consider to be precious, beautiful, surreal. The social perception on what a big life event boils down to is simply a planned episode, a birthday party, your first Christmas at college, that winning goal at the football game last month. I, however, like to believe my biggest, most memorable, special events are the ones of sitting silently with my best friend because he knew where words fell short, that realization where the grass around you suddenly appears more vivid, greener, more lush and softer and then even the world suddenly seems more forgiving, the flickering lights and the buzzing fridge of my dilapidated first apartment, and even that morning rush of splashing coffee all over your freshly pressed Calvin Klein knock-off slacks when the sound of your car finally chokes out it's last breath and hear your phone alarm scream at you warning of the impending crinkled face of an angry boss now waiting for your tardy coffee-stained work suit to stumble into the office.

I guess that's not much of an about-me section, but I'd like to think it gives you a greater glimpse into the me that I ACTUALLY am rather than the me that I can try to think up and piece-meal together from yahoo answers and some Who am I really survey-generator thing I find in the all seeing god of knowledge, we all know as Google.

Yes, there are punctuation errors, grammatical errors, probably style errors according to the BETTER-THAN-THOU types but I'd like to think the best reflection of myself is something I just spit out, no backspacing or afterthoughts. Just the here and the now. The true essence of me, in all its imperfect beauty being regurgitated onto this screen in a non-rehearsed holy-^@!$ I sound kind of obnoxious type of way.

So as my favorite bad ass 8th grade teacher used to say Sit down, Shut up, and the most non-offensive, please leave feedback, I hope you get my humor sort of way.


Two things I love deeply in this world are writing and hoop dancing. Both involve expression of mind, body, and soul.

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