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My name is Imad Elidrissi , born in Casablanca & living in morocco , studing technical & computer languages ;well i'm just a simple boy who havn't much people around him but i love 'em all and when I lose someone I'm heartbroken. That's the way I like it though. I'd rather feel every little detail of my emotions than numb. I won't eat something if i dont know where it came from, and I watch anime before I go to sleep. I sing in the shower, belting out a song like i'm a Rock star. 
Interactions between different kinds of people...cultures, traditions, different ways of thinking, and direct experiences interest me.Nature also interests me. Well,perhaps interest is the wrong word. Rather, it's my therapy.
I could spend weeks & months why not years! out in a lush green forest watching wildlife, hiking, bathing in a stream, and sleeping under the stars. My favorite things are to wake up to the sound of birds with the sun on my face , and to fall asleep to the sound of rain. Surrounded by nature, I immediately become the kind of person I want to be.Ummm...I'm very outgoing,honest.I love to travel alot,meet new people,learn new things,experience the all four dimensions of our solar system..I appreciate sincerity,simplicity,and people with solid and genuine characters.I am very simply complicated so dont try to figure me out. I love my friends but i prefer be alone...Love horses but have a Computer...Hate fighting but have years of TAE KWON DO & shiduko someone but i prefer be faraway from . I work hard, but have no direction,...have a hard time trusting, but have a lot of faith in people's ability to change. All my feelings are intense. When I love, I am head-over-heels, and
I'm super stubborn, quite, I like to have fun, occasionally shy and brutally honest.
I'm always lost & being in a deep thinking state? . I haven't found what I'm looking for yet..But it's easy to keep me happy ; )

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