a 25-year-old bird from your dad's bed., United Kingdom

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"Anything that is successful is a serise of mistakes." - Billie Joe Armstrong.

Hi there.

My names Jenny. They call me melancholy. They call me Jaded. But most use to call me the sullen riot.

I love to write. Though I never posted on the web before. I'm quite a creative person. I draw, write poetry, sing, write lyrics. I have a diary. I go to college to do photography in a bid to get to university and escape my bourgeois existence in a place called Garforth in Leeds, England. Hopefully I can squeeze a career out of it. That's my plan anyway. I'm reading all the time and I don't think you can read too much. I prefer books to films because films usually slaughter the books they are trying to portray.

I think though I am straight I am destined to be surounded by awesome gay people.

My best friends are Steph, Adam, my cousin Libby, Matt, Jamie and Lucy. We do photography together and I think she's amaze. Check her out on here, CrystalRose.

I have a personal blog and a photography blog if you're interested. I also have twitter and instagram.

@jenny_nash for twitter.

jaded101 for instagram.

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