a 22-year-old diva from Andover, United Kingdom

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"Life is like a book, but its empty unless you get out there and fill in the pages. So get out there and make it one worth reading."


I'm Strawberry, Jennie to my friends. I'm a long time lurker who frequents this and many other websites in the hope of finding stories that can make me laugh, cry and feel on top of the world.

My favourite authors are Terry Pratchett, C.S Lewis and Darren Shan. I mostly read sci-fi, fantasy and horror but have been known to dabble in other genres as well.

I'm inspired by the most random things and at the most inconvienient times (like the middle of an exam) as such my writing is very sporadic and usually one-shots or flashfiction.

Stick around and have a read, if you like what you see or think I need to improve certain things go ahead and leave me a comment

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