a 20-year-old grrl from Whiteville, NC, United States

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"Besides my fashion sense? I play a mean harmonica." -Fang (Maximum Ride) "I never wanted a part like this in my life." -Demi Lovato on Camp Rock "Pink isnt just a color, its an attitude." -Miley Cyrus

I'm writing a book called The Search for the Truth.
1. My pen name is StormyJ, I'm 13 and blow out the candles on Oct. 17, I'm suppose to be in the 8th grade but since my bday is late by one day I'm stuck in 7th but with my friends.

2. I like writing about anything from paranormal to magic.

3. I like reading, except poems even though I consider reading yours.

4. I like singing, anything from Demi Lovato to Slipknot.

5. I like watching scary movies from Fingerprints to who knows what?

6. I like standing out in the rain.

7. I like hanging out with my friends.

8. I like driving my mom's car into the trailer (actually happened).

9. I like laughing...LOT.

10. I like anime pictures and stuff.

11. I dont mind reading your projects as long as your return the favor.

12. Dont ever copy anything of mine.

13. I share my birthday with Eminem, Wyclef Jean, Alan Jackson & Jimmy Breslin (a famous author)!!! LOL

14. I can sing I Gotta Go My Own Way from High School Musical 2.

5 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

Buried Life Goal #1: Write a book.

Buried Life Goal #2: Go to college.

Buried Life Goal #3: Fall in love.

Buried Life Goal #4: Meet a celebrity.

Buried Life Goal #5: Be able to support charities around the world.
Thank Yous & Hate Yous:
First: I would like to thank my MOM for always believing in me when she knew I would be able to do what I succeeded in, including writing.
Second: I would like to CRUSH & HATE my POPS for never being her when I needed him the most, but yeah who needs him? I hate you.
Third: I would like to thank my SISTERS & BROTHER for always thinking that because I was 10 or more years younger then them that I couldnt do anything by myself well look at me NOW!
Fourth: My NIECES & NEPHEWS, even my poor lost Kyla I miss you. Thank you all for being so bad and giving me ideas of what to NOT write about!!
Fifth: I would like to thank all my AUNTS & UNCLES even the ones who I never see and the ones who past away a while ago. Love Ya!
Sixth: I would like to thank all my Language Arts teachers who taught me how to write things that were HARSH, if it wasnt for you I wouldnt be writing stories about...bad things.
Seventh: I would like to think all the authors who I've read the famous ones and the ones up here and on Max-Dan-Wiz and Teenink, I love you guys for always keeping me entertained even though you had a poem.
Eighth: My best friends who are GIRLS: Brittany W., Katlin, Brittany H., Hanna C., Hannah S., Alisia, Chelsea, Bailey D., Mikayla, Jayda, Mercedes, Rodericka, DBO (Brianna ha), Anna, Katlyn, and LAST Victoria.
Nineth & Last: My Best Friends Who Are GUYS: Morgan, Trevor, Dylan W., Louis (Louie), Robert, Tyler M., Tyler S., Charles,...Ethan...You guys definetley kept me entertained during the boring skool hours and even from 3-4 (Trevor, Dylan, Ethan) :D I love you guys!

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