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A quiet chuckle, "Fans?  Come now, I've not been here long enough to have them, friends for that matter."

Okay, so the quick down and dirty, let's just see how well I can get off the ground here.  To begin I enjoy writing co-op stories, I've been doing it for several years now and want to do more.  I tend toward erotic tales in historic, fantasy or sci-fi realms.  That said, I am open to other ideas.

I've a few stories that I have started on my own that I need a partners point of view on to go further and if anyone finds the time and interest to read me I really do like to have a little constructivecriticism.  (constructive means don't just tell me the story sucks, tell me why)

I am old, I am a cynic, I am occasionally humorous (to the right people at least). Come and write a bit, there is a more then small chance we can have some fun.

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