a grrl from the United States

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"Writers are artists that have to paint a movie in a readers mind that keeps them interested..."

Hey so I mainly write fiction and my poems are raw, because i write what i feel or what inspired me. I hope u will like my works i put my heart into them :D And well feel free to leave any of your works and ill be sure to read em!

RaNdOm FaCtZ about meh ^_^

  • I am happy 90% of the time (Naturally born that way)
  • Observant
  • Am Old school with a twist of modern
  • Have an open mind
  • Thinks pokemon will never end
  • Loves "My Life as Liz".."Teen Mom".."Jersey Shore and Comedy Central
  • Thinks that girls tested on Maury need to learn math.. SUBJECt- probability (if you sleep with two people you should be 50%
  • Jokes too much
  • Loves movies
  • Loves reading
  • Loves people

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