from Indiana, United States

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I'm a college freshman and I'm an aspiring author! Like many of you, I'm guessing haha. For now I'll post some of my old stuff - soon, I hope - but I'll probably get busy (right now I'm procrastinating!). I've also done some FanFiction before but the only stuff I've finished is the stuff I didn't really care about. Nothing really long. Amateur, like all my stuff so far. But yeah... hopefully this is more my thang. I've been writing long as I can remember. Sometimes I'll go on a hiatus and not write for...I don't know, the longest was two years. But I always come back to writing! So that's what I want to try to get into. We all know how that turns out for most of us, though...At least it'll be an adventure and bring me much happiness, more happiness than an average job would probably give me, unless there's a job where they pay me to read. I guess that's sort of like an editor but there are a couple reasons I'm not interested in doing that. I think I'm rambling.............

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